Are you looking for an on-screen actress for your TV commercial or a role play performer for your corporate training film? Perhaps you need a British female actor for a performance capture role in your video game? I can help with all that and more. I studied performance at Brighton’s Academy of Creative Training, learned Self-Tape skills from London’s Mixing Networks and absorbed Stanislavski and Meisner with Thinking Actors. Please watch my showreels below to see what I can do. And…. Action!

“Katie’s natural, organic, authentic instinct for the craft impressed me. It’s as if she’s been studying acting her whole life. And she has the heart, mind and talent for an abundant career.” Actress and coach Debra Wilson

“Not only is Katie very talented, bringing depth and energy to a character, she is also absolutely fantastic to work with. I would work with her again in a heartbeat” Dennis M Miller, InXile Entertainment

To book me for on-camera acting work or performance capture, please contact my agents


Case Study


I played Business Consultant Hilde, telling the story of a fictitious project for an in-house corporate training programme. My lines were on autocue (but I’d learnt most of them beforehand, to give a really natural performance).

Technical issues meant the shoot was behind schedule and the sun was streaming in, making everyone at risk of getting hot and bothered. So the crew were delighted when I gave them exactly what they needed in the first take, for every line.

Lighting Camerman Jason Baney said: “You seriously smashed it out of the park and saved us a whole bunch more time in that heat.” 

The Director, Franck Trebillac from FRK Studio said: “Thank you for an excellent job. I have every intention to book you again both for acting and VO.”


I love to play, creating characters and sketches.

My job is a lot of fun.  Improvisation keeps my acting skills sharp.

I performed these 2 minute improv sketches live on social media, in a competition called #improvdareandshare. The start/end line was fixed, but the rest was made up on the spot.

”Great instincts and fearless… an excellent combo”

Scott Parkin, Improvisation Coach and Voice Actor

To book me for on-camera acting work or performance capture, please contact my agents