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Are you looking for a smart, sophisticated, British female storyteller for your documentary?

Perhaps you’d love to work with a trained broadcast journalist who can inject gravitas and suspense? You’ll certainly want a natural narrator, who understands how to guide the viewer gently from the sidelines, letting the narrative breathe as the story unfolds.

I’m the voiceover artist you need.


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CASE STUDY: Wildlife Documentary Narration

In 2022 I was delighted to be cast as Narrator of an extraordinary wildlife documentary series, Wild Argentina. It was a dream come true to contribute to this 3-part series.

I recorded the scripts in my broadcast-quality studio, as live, directed sessions. The producer from Light and Shadow GmBH joined remotely from Germany and the script writer joined from the US. It was a hugely rewarding process. I was invited to suggest subtle tweaks to the language to make the script more appropriate for a British/European audience – a collaborative experience I welcomed and enjoyed.

It was a pleasure and privilege to work on this series. The episode trailers below were shown at the Rotterdam Wildlife Film Festival in 2023.

Land of Survivors

From the largest waterfall on earth to the highest mountain in South America, Argentina is a land of extremes. Huge rainforests, rugged coasts, endless plains and icy glaciers form a unique natural paradise. This film takes you through the breathtaking wilderness.

Land of Water

Argentina’s wetlands are home to many wonders. With beautiful images, “Wild Argentina – Land of Water” celebrates the water-rich north of Argentina as a biodiversity hotspot. In addition, this film shows how drought and fires threaten the fragile ecosystem.

Wild Argentina Accolades

Wild Argentina has won numerous awards. My narration was considered prize-worthy, too. In 2024 I was delighted to win my fourth One Voice Award for my work narrating this series, as joint winner of the category “Television Documentary Best Performance”.

In 2023 I was a finalist at the Hollywood ‘Voice Arts Awards’ by SOVAS (the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences) for my narration on this series, in the category “Outstanding Narration, TV or Film, Best Voiceover”.

True Crime Documentary Narration

Sometimes the stories I’m asked to tell are difficult to say out loud.

I am Narrator of “Green Eyed Killers” – a true crime series where jealousy is the motive for every attack.

True Crime documentaries require a particular style of delivery – factual and clear, carefully navigating difficult subject matter and gently guiding the viewer through the story without sensationalising the circumstances.

Before setting up Storyteller Media, I was a TV News Broadcast Journalist. My experience as an Executive Producer in factual programming made me perfect for this project. I have narrated more than 30 episodes of Green Eyed Killers across 3 seasons.

True-crime stories are difficult to navigate, but this series is suspenseful storytelling at its best.

Cultural Mini Series

What is art? How did it begin? These questions and many more are answered in ‘Innovations in Art’. I narrated this mini-series of videos featuring specialist artists and their works. The films explore innovations in the art world and their relevance today.

This clip, “Changes in the creation of Art” is episode 1. The videos were produced for Forsters LLP with Smartify, the world’s most downloaded Museum App.

“Katie is an absolute delight to work with – incredibly well-prepared, she brings scripts alive with a naturally warm and engaging tone. Recording remotely with Katie was seamless and the audio delivered was equal to any external professional studio. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Peter Knowles, Smartify

The narrator of your documentary needs to connect with the viewer. To do this, they should ask you the following questions:

Who is your target audience – who’s going to be watching your documentary? Is it aimed at a group with specialist knowledge of the subject? Or the general population? Or perhaps it’s written and produced for children?

This information will help the narrator to understand who they’re talking to and will enable them to get your message across effectively.

Your narrator might also want to know how you expect the audience to view the material, because that can affect the way they perform your script, too. For example, a film screened in cinemas might need a different style of delivery to one shown on YouTube where the viewer is listening on headphones in a more intimate environment.

Whether it’s an hour-long documentary, a short film or 3 minute animation, the skill is in the storytelling.

This animation was part of a series commissioned by The British Council to mark 400 years of Shakespeare. I was nominated for a SOVAS 2016 Voice Arts Award for my Outstanding Storytelling in this film.

I’m a multi-award winning voice over artist and work in many genres. However, documentary narration is one of my favourites. It’s a fascinating way to share longer stories about every imaginable subject.

This clip is from a BBC series about different religions. As narrator of this episode, I helped viewers learn how British Christians from across the faith celebrate life’s big milestones.

This spoof documentary was created to promote a new, limited edition breakfast Cereal. As narrator, I played a music journalist, investigating why the Monster Cereal pop group have got back together.

In this short film, I tell the story of Patricia Lloyd, who passed away during the global Coronavirus lockdown of 2020. The film was produced by Videos for Distant Memorials and is shared with kind permission of Patricia’s family.

“Katie’s a consummate professional and so easy to deal with – great voice, very adaptable.”

James Bell, Michael Bell +

Prices start at £300

Documentary Narration charges are usually: Basic Session Fee BSF (£300) + Usage Fee (from £300)

The Usage Fee is a percentage of the BSF and depends on how the video will be used. You can buy Bronze, Silver or Gold Usage licences depending on the size of the expected audience and scope of your project.

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BSF includes:

🎤  Hire of my recording studio and Audio engineering service

🎤  Optional (recommended) remote live directed session via Source Connect, CleanFeed or similar to ensure you are in control of the creative process

🎤  My professional performance as many times as required in the live session until you get exactly the take/s you need

🎤  A raw recording of the whole directed session if required

🎤  Post-production: a full edit if required finished and produced to broadcast quality standards

🎤  Supply of audio within 72 hours via WeTransfer or Dropbox link

🎤  Audio storage for 2 years

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