Making Headlines


From time to time my work gets into the news. I’ve been featured in the Wall Street Journal and took my local press by storm when I became Female Voiceover Artist of the Year.

I’ve also been published in The Voiceover Network’s Buzz Magazine, the only Magazine in the world dedicated to the Voiceover Industry and was even photographed on the red carpet in Hollywood for the Los Angeles Daily news.

I’m also regularly invited on to podcasts as a guest. I love sharing my story and the twists and turns my career has taken – from TV newsrooms to becoming a mum and then an award-winning voiceover artist.

“Hello, I’m from the Wall Street Journal. Please can I interview you about your job?”

Me: “Er, ok!”

When I’m not recording corporate voiceovers, I occasionally play fun characters, including in 2022, Queen Elizabeth II, for the Waze SatNav app.

It was commissioned as a limited edition voice guide during the Royal Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and my performance caught the eye (ear?) of the The Wall Street Journal!

Read all about it here.

The article also features some great anecdotes about the power of the spoken voice and which tones are most soothing when you’re lost…. Cookie Monster though? Really?


If you can’t access the article from the link, don’t worry – my featured section is right here.

And here’s an example of my Royal performance.


I was thrilled to win the Award of UK Female Voiceover Artist of the Year at the 2021 One Voice Awards in London. The awards were judged by an independent panel of industry experts. Out of over 3000 entries, I was delighted to win the top prize of the night.


My local paper covered the story.

Here is the video compilation of my work from 2020 which convinced the judges that I was the UK’s best British female voice actor of 2021.


The Voice Arts Awards, hosted by the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (SOVAS) have been called the Oscars of the Voiceover industry. I’ve been nominated for 12 Voice Arts Awards, at least one every year since 2016. I’ve also attended many of the Award ceremonies in LA and New York. In 2018 I was photographed on the red carpet in Hollywood by a photographer from the LA Daily News and included in an article about working professional voice actors.

Fun on the red carpet in Hollywood

In 2021 I was invited to write an article for The Buzz Magazine, the only magazine in the world dedicated to the Voiceover Industry. I wanted to share my thoughts about “success,” what it means to me and how I work hard to be the best I can be. Soon after this article was published, I won the One Voice Award of UK Female Voiceover Artist of the Year!

If you’d like to book me to be a guest on your next podcast or interview me for your next article, please get in touch.