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My Story

I’m grateful that my job makes me happy every day.

Not many people are that lucky. I’m passionate about voiceovers! And most of all, I love how happy I make my clients.

How did I get into voiceover?

I’m a born storyteller. Always the Narrator of the primary school nativity, I went on to act in plays at school and Cambridge University. I’ve performed at the Edinburgh Festival and in productions from Shakespeare to The Jungle Book. I have an MA in English Literature from Cambridge where I fed my passion, immersing myself in work by the world’s greatest storytellers.

Later I studied in London and qualified as a Broadcast Journalist. I loved TV news and perfected the craft of storytelling as a Producer for the BBC and ITN, Executive Producer and Programme Editor for Sky and
Presenter/Reporter for Channel Five News.

But news doesn’t mix well with bringing up babies so after having kids I stepped away from that career. And 10 years later, I found a new one…

My clients get exactly what they want, on time and on budget. They know I’m fabulous from
the ground up.

Smart, sophisticated storytelling.

The stories I tell nowadays belong to my clients and I love bringing them to life. I’m an award-winning Announcer, bringing excitement to any awards show or event. My storytelling skills can elevate brands, communicate complex concepts effortlessly and create trust and credibility in a product or service.

My recording studio is in my garden – my two happy places!

I love my garden and always look after my clients as carefully as I nurture my plants.
I am personally responsible for outstanding quality and service, whether I’m preparing scripts, recording, editing or communicating with clients. I believe the voiceovers I produce should be nothing short of exceptional. My business’ 5-star rating on Google and my One Voice Award for Female Voiceover Artist of the Year 2021 proves it.

I’m known for attention to detail and showing a level of care and communication that ensures my clients get exactly what they want, on time and on budget. I’m regularly thanked for being efficient, thorough and a pleasure to work with.

My clients have complete confidence in my services, which is why so many come back to me again and again. They know I’m fabulous from the ground up.

I’d love to show you how
my voice will benefit your project.

Just fill in my demo contact form to get a FREE 20 second sample of me reading your script.

Do you have any questions?
Please check out my answers here.

I want you to have the best possible experience when we work together.

Nobody likes nasty surprises so I’m totally upfront about my prices, policies and procedures. Hopefully I’ve answered all your questions about what it’s like working with me. If you’re still unsure about anything, please ask!

How does voice over pricing work?

No two voiceover jobs are the same – so it’s hard to come up with a one-size-fits-all pricing structure.

You might think that the longer the recording, the more it will cost, but it doesn’t always work like that. A lot depends on how the voiceover will be used. You might find that a 10,000 word e-learning module costs you less than a 6 word tag at the end of a TV commercial!

There are some fixed costs though, which apply to most types of voiceover.

How much is a voiceover?

My voiceover business has fixed costs which I have to pass on to you, my customer. That’s why almost all jobs incur my £300 Basic Session Fee.
The BSF covers all types of voiceover, including corporate VO of 1-3 minutes.

However, if the voiceover is to be used online or broadcast, there will also be an additional Usage Fee. This will vary depending on:
The number of geographical locations the voiceover will be heard in
The amount of people who will see, hear or use the product which features the voiceover
The number of platforms the voiceover will be heard on (eg online, TV, radio)
The duration of the licence that is granted

​The cost of a Usage Licence for use of a recording in one geographical location, on one platform for just one year may be fairly low.
Whereas the license cost for use of that recording globally for 3 years, on radio, TV and online would be higher.

Sometimes hiring companies wish to license the recordings globally, on all platforms and for ever (“in perpetuity”). In this case the cost is much higher and can be prohibitively expensive.

What is a basic session fee?
My voiceover business has fixed costs which I have to pass to you, my customer. They are covered by my £300 Basic Session Fee or BSF.

Watch the video below to find out what you get for your money.

What is Katie Flamman's basic session fee?
Katie Flamman’s BSF is £300

Please watch the video below to find out what it includes.

What is a usage fee?

Have you created an explainer video for your product or service? And would you like me to do the voiceover? The total price of that voiceover will depend on what you’re going to do with your video.
The way you USE the voiceover (if you’re going to host or broadcast it online) will incur a USAGE fee.
When you order a voiceover, you do not own the recording. Instead you buy a licence to use the voice recording. Even if you own the copyright of the script, the voiceover artist, by law, owns the rights to their actual performance. This method of licensing commonly has the term “usage” because you are paying for the use of the recordings.

For some types of voiceover (eg Corporate videos for use within the company only or e-learning / training modules), usage will be included in the price.

But most professional voice over artists will charge you a usage fee of some kind. This is sometimes a percentage of their Basic Session Fee or sometimes a fixed price.

The cost of usage is worked out based on:
The number of geographical locations the voiceover will be heard in
The amount of people who will see or hear (or use) the product which features the voiceover
The number of platforms the voiceover will be heard on (eg online, TV, radio)
The duration of the licence that is granted

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What is the difference between Internal Usage, Organic Usage and Commercial Usage?
Internal Usage is when your video is only going to be used internally, within your company or your client’s. There’s no extra charge for this type of voiceover usage.

Organic Usage is when your video (including my voiceover) will be put on the internet, for example, on your website, YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile and/or Facebook page, and people will only see it if they visit that page or social media site through direct searches or SEO.

Commercial Usage is when your video is put on the internet and used to advertise your business by being pushed out to a wider audience. If you use this marketing technique, you will be paying for Google Ads, Facebook Ads or YouTube Pre-roll and are turning your video (and my voiceover) into a commercial.

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What is the difference between Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Usage licences?

Bronze Usage Licence = 1 year.

If your explainer video is likely to go out of date quickly, you’ll only need a 1 year Usage Licence. I will sell you a Bronze Organic Usage Licence or Bronze Commercial Usage Licence, depending on how you intend to market your video.

Silver Usage Licence = 2 years.
Gold Usage Licence = 3 years.
Platinum Usage Licence = 5 years.

If your explainer video is expected to have a longer shelf life, you will need to buy a licence to use my voiceover on that video for a longer period of time. I offer licences for 2-5 years depending on your requirements. These can be for Organic Usage or Commercial Usage.

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Does Katie Flamman have a price list?

Not exactly. There are many different types of voiceover and they can all be priced differently so it’s hard to create a one-size-fits-all price list. But to give you an idea, my prices start at £300.

Many jobs, including most Corporate recordings will be covered by my £300 Basic Session Fee, if they are being used internally. However, if that voiceover will be broadcast on the internet there will be an additional Usage fee.

But it doesn’t always work like that. For example, E-Learning prices start at 30p per word.

Please visit my Voiceover Services page and scroll down to find the type of voiceover you need. You’ll find more info there. Or simply get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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What is a live remote directed session?

It’s a collaborative process which gives you complete creative control – and it’s my preferred way of working. I’ll send you a link for Source Connect or CleanFeed. Click on it to connect with my recording studio from your home or office. It’s like a phone call where I hear your voice in my headphones.

You can listen as I record, make comments and help me to give you exactly what you want, first time round.

Does Katie Flamman have Source Connect?

Yes! I have the paid version of Source Connect. My handle is @katieflamman
Please click here to connect with me using source connect.

I don't want to direct you live, is that okay?
Of course! But the more information you can give me about your project, the better, because it will ensure you get exactly the pace, tone and style of voiceover you want. We can have a quick chat on the phone, by zoom or email before I do the recording. This saves time and money as you’re more likely to get exactly what you need.
How do I get my Voiceover?
  1. When the voice over is ready I send you a WeTransfer of each recording as a Review Copy MP3. Your Review Copy MP3 will be watermarked with an intermittent beeping sound at a very low volume. I will also send you an invoice.
  2. You review the recording and either request changes or approve my work and pay the invoice.
  3. Once payment has cleared, a Final Copy .wav, in high quality format, is immediately sent via WeTransfer or Dropbox link.
I'm in a rush, can you send my final voiceover straight away?
No problem. I can send your invoice immediately, so you can pay in advance and will receive your Final Copy .wav file as soon as it has been edited.

Please email me all the information for the invoice as soon as possible (eg: a PO or project number or finance department contact details). This will speed up the process of getting your finished voiceover to you. 

How quickly will I get my voiceover?

That will depend on my other work commitments and how long your project will take me to complete. I usually deliver finished voiceovers within 4-48 hours. Please note un-watermarked wav files are only sent when payment has been received in full.

What if I need changes?

I want you to be completely happy with the recording so I will re-record for free if I have made a mistake or you are not satisfied.

For example, If I’ve failed to read your script correctly, got a pronunciation wrong or haven’t matched the tone or pace you requested.

However, if you sign off on the project, (by approving the recording/s, paying for them and accepting the final audio file/s) but then request changes, I will charge for revisions.

How much are revisions?

Minimum charge £75 / €85 / $100 I bill on a sliding scale, per session, depending on the size of the changes:

  1. Changes of up to 10% of the original script cost 25% of the original Basic Session Fee (usually £75)
  2. Changes of up to 20% of the original script cost a further 15% of the BSF (usually £120)
  3. And so on, increasing by 15% of the BSF for every additional 10% of the script. 
Revisions include reducing, repeating, or changing the script in any way.

Another option (often more expensive) is to charge you half of the original Basic Session Fee (usually £150) for revisions comprising 0-50% of the original script or all of the original BSF (usually £300) for anything more. 

IMPORTANT: Please send details of all changes at once, so they can be completed in one session. If you send more changes later on and a second session is required, you will be charged again

What corporate Voiceover services does Katie Flamman offer?

I offer various services for my business clients, who all love my clear, engaging and trustworthy voice.

  • Explainer video voiceovers
  • Award-winning announcements for conferences and 
awards shows
  • Voiceovers for training modules and HR videos
  • Commercials for radio, the internet and TV
  • In person presenting
  • Answerphone messages
What information does a voice actor need to create the best voiceover?

The more information you share, the better the voiceover will be.

THE TONE: Do you want the video to be informal or formal, cheerful or serious, authoritative or reassuring, calming or exciting? Are you looking for a conversational, “voice of the workforce” or a more official, “voice of the company”?

YOUR AUDIENCE: Who is your voiceover talking to? What’s the audience demographic? Is English their first language? Are they already familiar with the topic of the video or will it be teaching them something new? What do you want them to feel or do when they’ve watched your video?

HOW IT WILL BE VIEWED: If your video will be played on a big screen at a conference, the narration might need to be authoritative and bold. Whereas if your viewer will watch on their phone, the voiceover might give a more intimate performance.

OTHER ELEMENTS: Will your producer add the footage or animated sequences after the voice over records your script or has the video already been created with a different voice or scratch track? If it’s pre-existing it will dictate the pace of the delivery. The actor must ensure the voiceover fits perfectly into your pre-cut piece.

What is a studio cat?

A studio cat (or dog) is a loyal assistant who spends a great deal of time in a voiceover artist’s recording studio. Usually sleeping or sitting on the keyboard.

In my case, there’s Studio Cat Pickle.

Who are Katie Flamman's business team?

Jacquie Hale – Vector Business Coaching

Louise Herrington – Performance Accountancy

Sarah Rogers – Accountancy Services

Pickle Flamman – Studio Cat

How do I get into voiceover?

Are you thinking about getting into voiceover? Maybe you’ve been told you’ve got a nice voice and you think it could be a great little side hustle and a great way to earn some extra cash while working from home. You might find it’s not as easy as you thought…

The document below explains what you need to do to create a successful voice over career and contains useful resources and words of advice. It’s free to download.

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If you find it helpful, please leave me a review:

Thank you – and best of luck!

Do Terms and Conditions apply?
Yes! Please CLICK HERE to find out more.
Do you have a policy on AI (artificial intelligence)?
Yes! Please CLICK HERE to view and download our AI Rider.

Take a look at my studio… where the magic happens.

I’ve been operating my own recording equipment since 2015. My first recording booth was the coat cupboard (!) but my kit has been upgraded significantly since then. I now work from a purpose-built professional studio in my beautiful Sussex garden.

Connect with me using Source Connect:
My handle is @katieflamman

My equipment

  • Esmono sound-cancelling isolation booth in detached broadcast-quality studio.
  • Microphone: Neumann TLM 103 / SE2200a.
  • MacBook Pro (2019) macOS Mojave, Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i9 with hardwired ethernet connection.
  • Fast broadband speed: Latency: 2 ms; Download 92.3 Mbps; Upload 47 Mbps.
  • High quality audio feed with connectivity via: Source Connect Standard, Source Connect Now, SessionLink Pro, CleanFeed, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.
  • Pre-Amp: Clarett+ 4 Pre
  • DAW: Reaper / Twisted Wave / Audacity