The Storytelling for Business Podcast

Are you struggling to connect with your ideal clients?

Maybe you want to nurture an ongoing business relationship, but you’re not sure how.

If that sounds familiar, then this marketing podcast is for you.

Join me, Katie Flamman, and discover how storytelling can help you engage your audience, connect with your customers and lasso leads.  

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What’s the format?

In the podcast I chat with storytelling experts – creative producers, radio specialists, videographers, marketing consultants and filmmakers about what makes a great story. We find out what a story actually is, how to find your story and how to tell it well. We discover story formulas, story ingredients and the most important stories your business can tell.  My guests explain how to capture your audience’s imagination and why audience participation is vital for business storytelling success.  

Curious? Check out these trailers from Season 2’s storytelling expert creatives: 

But my guests don’t all work in creative industries. Regular business owners are a part of this podcast too. These include a vet, butcher, owner of Pooh Corner the Winnie-the-Pooh tea shop, a charity CEO, financial advisor and LinkedIn trainer.

My guests are entertaining, inspiring and passionate about their chosen professions. The stories they share offer valuable insights which will benefit you, whatever your business. 

These video trailers will give you a sneak peek. 

Every episode of the Storytelling for Business Podcast contains practical tips that you can use in your business.  

At the end of every interview, I summarise what we learned with a list of Key Takeaways.  

At the end of each Season, I pull everything together in a bumper “Toolkit” episode, containing clips from every guest and the lessons we learned from everyone put together.  

The podcast is crammed full of tips, tricks and takeaways so you can harness your storytelling superpower.  

Reviews and Awards

I was delighted to receive my first award nomination as a Podcast Host in 2023. I was a finalist at the Hollywood ‘Voice Arts Awards’ by SOVAS (the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences) in the category “Outstanding Business Podcast, Best Host”.

Reviews have been positive and enthusiastic! If you’re a listener, please like, rate and review on your favourite podcast app. And tell all your friends. 

Why I started this podcast

Telling stories is the most powerful way to connect. Whether you want to reach out to your clients, prospects, investors or staff, a story is the way to hook them in and get your message across. 

I’m a voiceover artist specialising in corporate narration and that means I’m an expert at telling my clients’ stories, connecting with their audiences, and making them feel something. 

When a story really resonates, when it’s authentic and vulnerable, and when it’s combined with the right music and visuals, it’s dynamite. 

But not everyone does it well. Why are some companies better at storytelling than others? Is there a secret storytelling sauce? 

I decided to investigate – and the Storytelling for Business Podcast was born! 

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