The Storytelling for Business Podcast-old

Telling stories is the most powerful way to connect. Whether you want to reach out to your clients, prospects, investors or staff, a story is the way to hook them in and get your message across.

I’m a voiceover artist specialising in corporate narration and that means I’m an expert at telling my clients’ stories, connecting with their audiences, and making them feel something.

When a story really resonates, when it’s authentic and vulnerable, and when it’s combined with the right music and visuals, it’s dynamite.

But not everyone does it well. Why are some companies better at storytelling than others? Is there a secret storytelling sauce?

I decided to investigate this in a podcast…

In this series, I am exploring the power of storytelling for business. I guarantee the stories you’ll hear will inspire you – but businesses can’t run on inspiration alone, so you’ll also get takeaways and tips from every episode to apply to your marketing.

I am talking to storytelling experts – creatives who make corporate films, podcasts and adverts. I am also interviewing a Storytelling Guru from a bespoke marketing agency that helps business owners figure out what their story is and how to put it to good use. Plus we’ll hear from a select group of entrepreneurs who’ve made a huge success of their own storytelling. We’ll investigate how they’ve informed, inspired and engaged their audiences – and how their storytelling skills helped their businesses to grow.

At the end of each episode, there’ll be a summary with numbered tips that you can put into action in your business. And at the end of the series, we’ll pull everything together into a handy Toolkit so YOU can harness your storytelling superpower.